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Steps to Choosing the Best Web Design Agency

Posted in Web design

style webdesign

style webdesign

In order for one to succeed in a competitive business environment, one has to have the best brand experience for their clients. With the great waves of marketing change over the past few years, the social and mobile web has given the consumer the power to choose from a variety of platforms. This leaves the customer with the mere task of finding the right agency to deliver the company’s message to potential customers in the most efficient and effective way. Below are pointers that might help one in identifying the right agency;

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The first thing is to know what one wants the website and internet marketing to achieve. One needs to carefully identify their goals and aims and most importantly, how they are going to measure its success. By knowing what one needs to accomplish their goals, one will be able to easily tell if the agency fits their needs.

When hiring an agency, cost can prove to be a deal maker or breaker. As such, one is always advised to know their cost vs value. If one begins to cut costs solely for the sake of saving a dollar, one will likely not reap as much value in the long term when it comes to the delivery of results. In the world of web design and development, one definitely gets what they pay for.

One needs to identify a solid track record. This means that one ought to look for an agency that understands their industry and whether the said agency has initially effectively delivered a similar solution to other clients.

It is also very important for one to understand what their web agency is talking about and doing. This is so as it is only communication that one can learn and understand the web industry. It should be the duty of the web agency to ensure that their client understands what they are doing, they have to work hard to explain it to them till they understand.= what the agency is doing and what it is planning to do.

One thing that is majorly over looked is the web content. This is normally the responsibility of the owner. However, when choosing an agency, one ought to pay close attention so that they can find out whether the agency tackles art before content or vice versa. This is important as an agency that places art before content is in appropriate.

Choosing the right person in webdesign

Choosing the right person in webdesign

One needs to invest more time and though in coming up with the goals and expectation they have of their agency. One should think beyond getting more traffic of being first on google.

A good web agency should be able to offer clear and concise web strategy to its clients. This goes beyond the website.  A good strategy should give one’s business a strong sense of authority, relevance and trust. This will eventually result to converting your site visitors into paying customers.

A good agency ought to maintain a good relationship with its clients even after launching the new site for them. A good agency will assist one in their analytic reporting and ensure that your website is helping you reach your goals.

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Choosing a Web Content Management System

Posted in Web design

When one hears of choosing an appropriate web content management system, one thinks of the complexity involved in the process. One however need not think about the process so much, one ought to focus on selecting something that has the capacity to deliver a strong return on the investment that they make in their website while delivering tangible business growth, the content management system will take care of the rest of the technological stuff. Below is a list of some of the basic necessities for obtaining a good content management system;

One of the first things that should influence one’s decision is whether the system meets all of your essential requirements. Requirements vary; they could be basic as wanting to be able to add, delete, and edit web pages, through to handling an online shopping cart, member subscriptions, or even to organizing events. It is important for one to have a list of the essentials and requirements before one even begins looking at content management systems, this helps in organization.


The created website will be a global entity, with visitors and enquiries potentially coming through at all hours, therefore, it is important to ensure that one has his site set up using a reliable host and has a strong time up platform.

One also has to ensure that the security that they put on their website is top notch. This is paramount as without this, the site is likely to be very unsuccessful. The web is also an interactive place, as such, people not only go there to read, but for their own entertainment as well. As such, ne should make sure that their web

Cms marketing

Cms marketing

ability to insert video, documents, images, and music.

One thing that all business mentors agree with is that the key to business is the return on investment.To assess this, one can put subjective measures in place, or do it like a pro, and count page visits. This should be used to measure the success or failure of the business. One should also make sure that their CMS has a range of permission options for their own protection and simplicity.

With a CMS anyone with the right permission can edit the website; therefore, one needs to keep a record of what happens in their site. One needs to ensure that they keep a record of all these changes. In selecting a CMS, one has to ensure that their selection has all help files easily accessible so that when making changes, one doesn’t have to waste hours on finding the instructions for changes that should only take a minute.

While one may be starting a project small, one will definitely want their web presence to grow and expand. The key to this is to have a CMS with multiple websites running through the one account, thus, reducing administration hassle, and costs.

design for webcms

design for web

The above are just basic requirements for a good CMS; basically, the requirements vary depending on the size of the organization. However, by using the mentioned tips, one can never go wrong in selecting a CMS.

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Choosing the Right Web Design for a Nonprofit

Posted in Web design

Internet1While the needs in every nonprofit case varies, one thing that will be forever constant is the ever prevalent need to have the best website for ones’ nonprofit. This article is meant to help potential clients in identifying the right web design company by informing them of things to look out for in the interview process.

The first thing for a person to do is to prepare the necessary information. Before contacting any web design company, one should try compile some important information. Most web design firms will ask clients some questions during the interview as well, a cient might as well be prepared. Some of these questions may include;


Questions for design

What is your budget? – This can be a tough question, but one needs to have an idea of how much they are willing to spend on their project.  Whether one has an exact number or a range isn’t quite relevant, the point is one has to have an estimate figure.

What do you want your website to do? – This question tends to ensure that one knows what the purpose of their project is.

design example

design example

Generally, these questions are meant to assess the amount of commitment and dedication that is put into the project. No one would want to start something which parties are not fully committed to.

One also needs to pick a small number of designer firms. This entails eliminating the non-relevant one from the ones one sees as possibly beneficial to them. One can try the following steps in eliminating web designer firms;

  1. Check out the company’s portfolio and if you don’t like any of their websites, chances are you won’t like the website they make for your nonprofit.
  2. An outdated social media presence is a good sign that the organization doesn’t have the capacity to handle a project or doesn’t understand the technologies they are offering, hence, would be a wrong direction for your nonprofit.
  3. Price range of the organization. If it surpasses one’s budget, it’s better to look for an alternative.
  4. If the company handles sites with niche that doesn’t suit one’s need, it’s also advisable to drop it.

One has to always remember that web design companies are in plenty, one can therefore afford the luxury of being picky.

Once one has gathered their information as pointed out in the first step, one needs to send that information to various web design agencies and one can even use this as a process to jdge their response rate. The longer a firm takes to respond, the higher the chances of them failing in the delivery of the project.

Ensuring web quality

Thereafter, one needs to get the right answers to all important questions on general administrative, the web design process, and ensuring web quality, outside of the website itself and on what happens after the completion of the website. These questions can help one a great deal before they make their final decision.

After a careful review and interview process, one has to pick the best firm for his project. One has to ensure that the firm they pick provides the best option and services for his nonprofit, one should not make common mistakes such as going for the cheapest firm and expecting to get a high return value, in the web design world, one gets what they pay for.

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How to make your Website Mobile Ready

Posted in Web design

Mobile ready design

Mobile ready design

In the year 2009, less than 1% of the global internet traffic came from mobile devices, as it stands; more than 20% of the global internet traffic now comes from mobile devices. This fast and rampant growth rate has seen organizations scramble to make their sites mobile friendly, this merely entails the website appearing as it does on a computer screen but function as it should on a mobile device, which included phone numbers and email addresses being clickable. A mobile ready site is optimized so one can view the site on a smartphone without having to pinch or zoom. It should however be noted that a mobile friendly site does not necessarily mean a user friendly site. Below are some pointers to developing a mobile ready site or mobile site;

Developing a mobile ready site

  1. Difference between Adaptive and Responsive sites

Adaptive sites are also referred to as standalone websites, designed specifically for smartphone or tablet screens. This means you can reinvent the website by presenting only the information a smartphone user needs in a legible and functional format. A responsive site is one where the website recognizes the width of the mobile screen being used and adjusts the images and layout to fit that device. If one is attracting a reasonably high number of visitors via smartphones, but not getting the conversion rate they want, one might want to consider an adaptive site that allows more flexibility to deliver content customers are looking for.

  1. The size needs to be legible in small screens

One should avoid creating a mobile site that is a downsized version of the normal website. By doing this, this will make it impossible to read or see anything from the site without zooming or pinching.. Similarly, even some responsive sites require the user to zoom the smartphone screen if the text size is set to suit a desktop screen.

  1. The site should be mobile site functional
One should try make their mobile sites adopt so that it works better for users

One should try make their mobile sites adopt so that it works better for users

This means that the options on the site need to be simple and easily visible on the screen. A smartphone keyboard doesn’t always contain the same options as that of a computer.

  1. One should try make their mobile sites adopt so that it works better for users

One should use web analytics to find out how, when, and why customers are accessing one’s site, and provide the mobile content accordingly.



With an ever increasing number of people browsing the web and shopping all from their comfort of their mobile devices, it has become more important than ever for any website designing organization or any nonprofit for that matter to make sure that their website is optimized for mobile devices as this is the only way that they can manage to get more internet traffic on their sites, hence, make the most out of their projects. An attractive website will most definitely attract all the more clients to an organization, thus, choosing the right web design agency cango a long way in ensuring the success or failure of one in the business environment.

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